it’s all about love

This blog is about my second stay on the Island of Unguja,, internationally known as Zanzibar.
I was there on holiday the year before and I decided to go back to work for Mr. Dieler, Md of Dynamic Consulting ltd, who commissioned me to shoot and organize a picture data base about Zanzibar (Tanzania) and its beauty. The visual material was needed to market brands such as Zanzibar Gourmet, Red Monkey Lodge and Bike Zanzibar, also for two further start‐ups, a Zanzibar travel portal for the Baltic and a travel service targeting the luxury market.
It turned out to be one of the most beautiful experience of my life even if behind the colourful paradise that you see on the pictures there is much more obscurity, social inequality and cultural frictions.
This blog is meant to be a kind of photographic diary about this long stay. I normally live in Berlin but I am moving around to take pictures!

Maddalena Arosio

Thanks to © Dennis Kottke for the beautiful picture